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The van Soest Fabric Club

Become a member in the free of charge van Soest Fabric Club

What is the van Soest Fabric Club?

The van Soest Stoffclub is the new customer’s club within van Soest fabric stores. Each Stoffclub member receives 3% discount in e-points in his personal file. One point applies to one eurocent. If you buy for € 100, you, as a customer, receive 3 Euro discount and collects this way 300 e-points in his personal van Soest Stoffclub account. As soon as you have collected 250 points or more you can deduct the correspondent amount from your next purchase.

What advantages offers me the Fabric Club?

  • You can order on account!
  • You get exclusive information about new fabrics and special offers from our collection.

Don’t underestimate these advantages, as they raise your cash payback substantially depending on your size.

How do I become a member?

As soon as you order your fabrics through our store, the system on the screen asks you the needed information like address etc. Simply choose the option to become a free of charge member of the Stoffclub (Yes, I want to become a member …) and we send you automatically your personal club number and your password, after your order is received by us. Already you receive the e-points for your running order with which you applied your membership and can see your e-points on all orders/invoices thereafter.

The membership still is free of charge and can be cancelled by you through our contact features or by e-mail at any time.

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van Soest Stoffe -  Please use our professional advice

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The van Soest Fabric Club

The van Soest Fabric Club

Become a member in our free (of charge) Fabric Club and receive with each order 3% discount in the form of e-points for your next order. To the van Soest Fabric Club.

The van Soest Fabric Magazine

The van Soest Fabric Magazine

New fabrics, actual trends, actual colours and designs. With the van Soest Fabric Magazine you keep up with all trends. Order the magazine here van Soest Fabric Magazine.